Cynthia P. Hall

Assistant Trainer

Cynthia is a certified Equine Manager, 3 Star USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist, and she has earned her German FN Big Bronze Rider Medal. She is focused on the correct development of horse and rider by creating a symbiotic relationship where partnerships can flourish utilizing correct biomechanics and classical horsemanship. She believes that a positive attitude, patience, and fair expectations will create the best environment for growth and development of riders and equines alike. She accepts students and horses of all ages and disciplines.

Aristotle's quote "The more you know, the more you know you don't know" couldn't be more true for anyone that has spent time in the saddle. Cynthia proactively continues her education with Lurena Bell, Erika-West Danque, and Whit Watkins on a regular basis. When the opportunities arise, she also works with renown clinicians Charles DeKnuffy, Conrad Schumacher, and bio-mechanics experts Mary Wanless and Jeff A. Moore along with attending USDF continuing education programs.

To say that Cynthia grew up on horses is an understatement. As a new-born baby she was in the saddle with her mother and by the age of three she was showing in lead line classes. Her family moved to Conroe, Texas when she was four and purchased a boarding facility where she was raised until her teen years. At the age of six she had developed a passion for animal care and provided farm sitting services in the area including all species from chickens to horses and wild burros. She was also an active participant at Maddock Pony Farms and studying with Nancy Hinz. During this time she competed with her mother in hunter paces, hunter jumper shows, farm play days, parades, rodeo entries, and local 4-H competitions.

In her early teens, the family farm and horses were sold. Almost two years without horses was more than she could stand and the family repurchased a pony they had raised. Cynthia rode the pony until she outgrew her and then continued driving her until she could afford a horse, Dash. He was her first horse off the racetrack and she worked with him for about a year until she fell in love with dressage and met Lurena Bell. Dash was not enchanted with the sport of dressage and became a family horse. Cynthia found Charley Be Special, a young TB off the track. As a student worker for Lurena Bell she was able to compete him through First Level before selling him to go to college.

Although not able to keep her horse in college, she was able to fill the void by working at the Texas A&M Breeding Center working with the mares, foals, and stallions. She took on several more OTTB for rehabilitation training and finally found her niche at Look Sharp Farms, a private dressage breeding and training facility in College Station. Here she had the opportunity to care for all details of the nine warmbloods, ages three to thirty two, including exercising and starting the young horses. She regularly had the opportunity to train with clinicians including Hans Biss.

After college, Cynthia took a job offer in Seattle and established herself as a rider who could work with challenging horses. This opened up an opportunity to train and compete a young Andalusian stallion, take a TB mare to second level while studying under Gwen Blake, and work with an emotionally abused pony (The Frog Prince is now her lesson pony). She also purchased a weanling QH who she started then studied reining and cow horse activities on. Feeling the strong attraction to classical dressage, she sold the QH and acquired her competition horse Khingstons Grand Prix as a weanling.

Career changes led her back to Houston, TX with a yearling and pony in tow. Shortly after the move, she met her now husband and they were relocated to the Rio area of Brazil. While living in Macaé, BR she applied her background in dressage to help train and compete the Quarter Horses stallions at a competition barrel racing facility. During her travels around Brazil she was able to visit Interagro Lusitanos and experience one of their auctions, study with Davi Carrano of Manège Sant´Adelaide, and train with the instructors of Escola Desempenho de Equitação in jumping and mounted archery on the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchadors.

In the summer of 2014, Cynthia and her husband were relocated back to Houston, TX and she left the corporate world to teach and train professionally; returning to Belle Terre Farm and Lurena Bell as working student. 2014 was a successful year with her 4yr old mare Khingstons Grand Prix being Overall Open Champion and Third Level High Point with the Erika-West’s stallion Buddy at the HDS Schooling Show. In January 2015 Cynthia joined Erika-West Dressage as the Assistant Trainer and earned her UDSF Bronze Medal. 2016 was a year for continuing education with her first trip to the Westfälische Reit-und Fahrschule earning her German FN Big Bronze Rider Medal. She looks forward to a return trip to earn her German Silver Rider Medal.

2017 has seen the fruit of Cynthia's hard work. In March she earned her USDF Silver Medal on Buddy, and in July she successfully debuted Intermediare I earning the first two scores of her Gold Medal. She was promptly accepted into the HDS FEI Trainers Symposium with Conrad Schumacher. Her two young horses, Churchill WS & Sovereign WS were chosen as demo-horses in the USDF Sport Horse Development Forum with Willy Arts & Michael Bragdell. The symposium is designed to showcase top talent and how to develop it up the levels.

Cynthia is enthusiastically working towards her goal of being a well respected FEI rider, trainer, and teacher. She is currently focusing on her two international quality young horses Churchill WS (Crelido/Calido I x Juneau/Columbus) and Sovereign WS (Sir Gregory/Sir Donnerhall x Royal Fortune/Romanov Blue Hors) bred by Walkabout State. A big thank you goes to Jan and Gary Marquardt for making this quality available!

More information on Cynthia can be found on her website and blog.  

Contact (206) 574-8905 or e-mail her at



  • Earned USDF Silver Medal
  • Earned 3 Star Rating
  • High Point FEI Division CTDS Bluebonnet Classic, Buddy 
  • HDS Materiale Sweepstake Winner, Churchill WS
  • High Scoring Freestyle, Windy Knoll Show, Mr. Palmer 77%
  • Southern Breeders Series, Reserve Champion Materiale 3yr olds
  • USDF HOY 4th Place Materiale 3yr Old Fillies
  • AHHA HOY Champion Materiale
  • AHHA HOY Reserve Champion Training Level


  • Earned German FN Big Bronze Medal


  • Earned USDF Bronze Medal
  • High Point 4th Level HDS Spring Classic II, Buddy 66.8% 


  • Overall Champion HDS Winter Schooling Show, Khingstons Grand Prix 78%
  • High Point Third Level HDS Winter Schooling Show, Buddy


  • Guardia Equine Sports Medicine - Provides cutting-edge evaluations, diagnostics, and therapies for performance horses with the convenience of stall-side service including digital radiography, digital ultrasonography, upper-airway endoscopy, dental care, and other therapeutic options. Contact Ciera Guardia, D.V.M. (713) 249-1648

    Dr. Guardia is a first class equine professional with a progressive approach to sports medicine. With her guidance and support, I am successfully campaigning a 22yr old FEI pony at Intermediare! ~ Cynthia

  • Wheat Saddlery - Evaluates saddle fit for both the horse and rider illustrating issues and advising possible solutions.  These can range from something as basic as a balancing pad, to something as complex as re-flocking or tree adjustment. Contact Tess Wheat

    Tess does a great job fitting both the horse and rider within the available budget. If you are in the market for a new saddle, the Dresch saddles that she represents have both a luxury feel and durability to last! ~ Cynthia